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Escape with Ylva

It's time to get to know the team behind the brand! This week we spoke to Ylva about music, films, food, books and more. Get to know one of our brightest developers.

May 30, 2022

Tom Ellison

Head of Marketing

Tips 1

If you were boarding SpaceX on a one stop journey to the Moon, knowing you’d never see Stryve HQ or planet Earth again…

What would be the three songs you would ‘save’ on a Spotify playlist?

Man this one is hard, but if I had to narrow it down to three.

1. Step Out – José González: If I’m on a one-way trip to the moon I think I’ll be quite sad cause I can think of few things I’d less want to do, haha. This song serves two purposes, the first being that it’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and going on an adventure, so it might put me in the right mindset for space travel. The second is that the singer is Swedish and the song features in one of my favourite films The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, so it’d remind me of home and give me good vibes all around.

2. Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams: In a similar pick-me-up vein I’d need to bring a song I could jump around and dance to, so I can forget that I’m so far away from earth. Robbie Williams has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure to me and this one is such a banger, so I think it’d be a good choice.

3. En Slump – Monica Zetterlund: This is a song that very much reminds me of my dad who passed away when I was 14. He loved Jazz and this Swedish singer was one of his favourites. This particular song is a Swedish cover of the jazz classic Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (Ella Fitzgerald also did a great version of this one). I’d probably bring this or something similarly calm and jazzy to remind me of earth and my family.

You’ve got space for just one film on your iPad, what are you downloading?

If I can try to sneak in a loophole I would probably bring the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe as one long film! There are so many of them so I’d never be bored haha. But more seriously I would probably bring a feel-good film that I can watch a lot without getting too depressed. Something like Love Actually perhaps.

That bag is filling up and you’ve now got room for just one book, what are you going for?

I was thinking one of the Sherlock Holmes books first, but once you’ve read it you know who did it, so it’s not really something I could read over and over again. Probably something with a lot of lore that I can ponder over for the rest of my existence – The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Or just The Return of the King if I can only pick one. Gotta know how the story ends!

SpaceX offers a special ‘last supper’ on your flight, what are you having?

Haha, am I being sent to die or will I eat this one meal for the rest of my life? Regardless I’d ask for my husband’s Spaghetti Bolognese. I’m very basic in that a good spag-bol is my favourite meal and no one does it better than him! With garlic bread please! :D And a chocolate-y dessert.

Finally, you can have one famous (past or present) person to sit next to you for the three day journey – who are you going for and why?

I think I’d pick Meryl Streep or a similarly great actress. I did a lot of acting in my teens and I think it’d be incredibly interesting talking to someone who has been in the business for a long time and performed a lot of different inspiring roles. It needs to be someone with enough stories and conversation topics to fill a three day trip and she seems quite funny as well so I think we’d get along.

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