January Feature Updates in Stryve

We’re back and kicking off the year with a bang! Our creative development team have been working away on a series of exciting new features that are now ready for all our users to explore. Let’s take a closer look at what we have been up to…

January 12, 2022

Tom Ellison

Head of Marketing

Tips 1

Automated Job Reports

Knowing how your jobs are performing, the number of applications you’ve received and how many candidates you have at each step of the hiring cycle is valuable data. Having it easily accessible is important and for it to be delivered to you automatically would be, well, incredible! Guess what? We’ve done just that.  

All job owners will now get a weekly update on the performance of the role straight to their inbox. Ready and primed to share with your internal teams as you see fit!

Tips 2

New Dashboard Widgets

Remember Stryve was created to save users time. That’s why we have revamped the dashboard to include widgets highlighting your key data. You can now view headline statistics around your candidates, jobs and have a handy full overview.  

This change really rounds out the dashboard, have a look to see what you think.

Tips 3

App Marketplace

You spoke, we listened! We have opened our gates to partner with a collection of popular third party applications.

Through the Marketplace you will now be able to connect and promote your roles via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google jobs. Being able to promote your role via Stryve without jumping out into other tabs is another way for us to help you save those few precious minutes that can quickly build up into hours.

We are working on integrations with popular HR, communications, marketing and planning applications, so watch this space!

Learn more about the new Marketplace here.

Tips 4

Improved Candidate Preview  

We’re all about user experience over here, which is why we have been fine- tuning the candidate preview. The tweaks we have made to the design not only make the information far easier to digest but we’ve also created more room to display even more data.

Subtle changes can quite often have the biggest impact. Check it out to see what you think.  

Improved D&I Reporting

Hiring teams should always be looking at the skills and experience a candidate has above anything else.  

At Stryve, we are continuously working on making more data available, adding new features to help businesses understand how they hire and where possible, offering opportunities to help teams improve their approach to diversity and equality.

We will soon have the option to add a candidate's ethnicity to their profile, giving another level of information to help paint an organisation’s D&I picture.  

Our door is always open and we welcome any suggestions you have for improvements, features you would like to see or general comments about the product. Just drop us a quick message here.

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