Reporting and analytics with Stryve

We are here to help you hire smarter, faster and better. With our new reports feature, you’ll have a greater understanding of how candidates use the platform, how they find you and a full picture of your candidate pool.

July 7, 2023

Tom Ellison

Head of Marketing

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What can the reports tell me?

As part of this feature release, we combined our research with valued feedback from our users to create the perfect group of reporting capabilities.

We have separated the reporting into three groups; jobs, candidates and the job board.

When you dive into these groups you’ll be able to have a clear picture of all jobs by status and the number of applications. When looking at your candidates you will now be able to easily report on diversity and inclusion statistics, how they applied for a role and the number of inactive and active candidates in your pool.

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How can I use the reports?

As we know everyone digests data in different ways, we have created three different display options for users.

Users can view the data in a table, bar chart or pie chart. We have also made the data available to download via a CSV export.

How do I access the reports?

As this is a main feature within the platform, we have added reports to the top navigation so users can access at any time.

Simply choose either Jobs, Candidates or Job board and start diving into all the wonderful data at your fingertips!

Tips 3

Want more data?

We are busy developing a series of further reports but if you have any further suggestions, please do let us know by clicking here.

Reports and features coming soon:

- Applications by source

- Visits by source

- Date range comparisons

If you don’t have access to Stryve and would love this kind of data on your hiring, then why not book in a demo with us by clicking here.

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