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Stryve Source

Using the powerful combination of artificial intelligence and human screening, Stryve Source sends dream candidates right to your inbox!

Introducing Stryve Source

Stryve Source is here and it's going to rock your hiring world.

We'll find you dream candidates, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional recruitment agency.

We guarantee applicants that match your roles, or your money back. Sound like a no brainer? It is.

Leave it to the experts

No stress hiring

Let Stryve Source take the pressure off your next hire.

Brief our team on what you're looking for and before you know it, we'll be delivering dream candidates.

Sit back, relax and watch those applications roll in.

Find the perfect match

Bringing you the best

Time is precious and time is money. Goodbye hours of CV sifting, Stryve Source will ensure only the best candidates find their way to you.

With our powerful software, you'll only receive applications that are just right, phew!

Land a winner

Applicants guaranteed

When you take advantage of Stryve Source, we will deliver you relevant applicants or your money back!

Guaranteed match made in heaven? Where do I sign...