Hiring Requisitions in Stryve

Stryve’s new feature, Hiring Requisitions, simplifies recruitment and provides excellent business benefits. It can deliver in various companies, from small to large and from tech to no-tech industries. To get the most out of this fantastic feature, review the tips we included in this blog post and look for answers to any FAQs or troubleshooting advice you might have. Don't wait — start streamlining your hiring process with Stryve!

July 7, 2023

Ed Chamberlain

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Tips 1

Been looking for an easier way to manage your hiring requisitions? Stryve has a brand new feature that will revolutionise your recruitment process! Our innovative feature makes it quick and easy to set up job postings, track applicants, and hire top talent—all within the same system. Don’t let an outdated recruitment process hold your business back – upgrade to Stryve and take your hiring to the next level!

Introducing Stryve’s new feature - Hiring Requisitions

Discover Stryve’s exciting new feature - Hiring Requisitions – an effective solution to streamline recruitment processes. Designed to revolutionise how businesses manage their talent acquisition, the Hiring Requisitions tool offers an ideal blend of professionalism and efficiency into your talent search journey. Our Hiring Requisitions feature has been thoughtfully tailored to cater to the unique needs of each organisation, providing the ability to track, manage and approve requisitions with ease. With Stryve's Hiring Requisitions, prepare to empower your teams, elevate hiring decisions and watch your organisation thrive!

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Tips 2

How does the Hiring Requisitions feature work?

The Hiring Requisitions feature is a brilliant innovation in the world of recruitment, bridging the gap between hiring managers and human resources departments. This incredible tool streamlines the process of job posting and candidate searching by creating a single platform, where all essential details can be managed effectively. With a user-friendly interface, hiring managers can quickly initiate customisable requisition forms, simplifying job-specific data entry for HR teams. HR professionals can now prioritise candidate sourcing and interviews, ensuring companies acquire the best talent. Say goodbye to endless emails and multiple spreadsheets - the Hiring Requisitions feature has revolutionised modern recruitment, making it amore harmonious and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Are you ready to begin the hiring process? First, visit the create tab, select job requisition and add in all relevant details such as the title of the position, a comprehensive job description for candidates, along with potential salary range, including base pay and any bonuses or benefits. Don't forget that having a pre-saved template can save time here - so be sure to consider creating one if needed! Finally, assign users who will assist with interviewing/hiring admin tasks before submitting it for approval.


Create an approval sequence for each hiring requisition by selecting who reviews it first, second and third. This could be the Finance Manager regarding compensation details, then the Hiring Manager looking at job descriptions or flow before finally being approved with Chief Executive Officer's signature across all areas. When you are satisfied, click submit, and this will email out notifications in your chosen order - participants can reject or approve roles, sending them down (or up) the chain accordingly; review requests and remind relevant managers using "Review Approval Requests", as well as withdraw any if necessary!

Track & share

Now that everyone has had their say, let the hiring begin! Spread the word about your role to attract top talent - post it to your favourite job boards and reach out to potential candidates in your database. With all necessary approvals now securely stored away in our notes tab, you're ready for recruitment success.

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Tips 3

Benefits of using Stryve for your recruiting process

In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, having an effective recruiting process is crucial for companies to discover and acquire the best talent seamlessly. By incorporating Stryve into your recruitment strategies, you unlock a myriad of advantages that streamline and elevate the hiring experience. Stryve automates essential tasks, such as candidate screening, interview scheduling, and managing recruiting pipelines, thus saving valuable time and greatly reducing the margin of human error. Further more, its powerful analytics and insights enable recruiters to quickly pinpoint exemplary candidates while monitoring the efficacy of their outreach efforts. Ultimately, implementing Stryve fosters a holistic and efficient recruitment experience, driving companies closer to securing exceptional candidates that can propel their organisation to success.

What types of companies can use the Hiring Requisitions feature in Stryve?

In the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition, companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from using the Hiring Requisitions feature in Stryve. Whether it be bustling start-ups looking to expand their dynamic teams, established enterprises seeking to bridge skill gaps or non-profit organisations on a mission to bring effective change, Stryve's hiring requisitions streamline the recruitment process in a professional, yet engaging way. This versatile tool offers an organised and efficient approach to managing talent searches, enabling hiring managers across various industries to quickly make informed decisions while keeping their staffing requisitions in check. With the Hiring Requisitions feature in Stryve, rest assured that your quest to secure top talent will reach unprecedented heights!

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Tips 4

Quick tips to maximise your efficiency with Hiring Requisitions

Hiring requisitions are an essential component of any well-organised recruitment process, ensuring that companies efficiently allocate their resources to bring the best talent on board. To maximise your efficiency with hiring requisitions, it's important to stay organised and proactively take steps to optimise each stage of the process. Begin by thoroughly outlining the requirements for each open position, including the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications – this will help streamline the candidate search and simplify interview preparations.

Next, collaborate with HR and managers to build a comprehensive understanding of the organisation's hiring needs, as this will facilitate quicker decision-making and eliminate potential bottlenecks. Furthermore, use technology solutions to automate tasks, such as filtering candidates and scheduling interviews, ultimately freeing up time for higher-impact tasks.

Lastly, maintain clear lines of communication with all stakeholders involved in the process; regular updates will not only expedite the recruitment timeline but also ensure everyone is working towards a common goal.By implementing these quick tips, you will optimise your efficiency in handling hiring requisitions and set the foundation for a successful recruitment strategy.

FAQs and troubleshooting advice for Hiring Requisitions

Navigating the complex process of hiring new talent can be adaunting task, especially when encountering challenges with requisitions. Addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs) and offering trouble shooting advice can be invaluable in streamlining the hiring process and ensuring that requisitions are managed effectively. From understanding the importance of accurate job descriptions, to determining the appropriate salary range and addressing potential bottlenecks, professional guidance can help decision-makers feel more confident in their hiring journey. Furthermore, being well-equipped with the latest recruitment best practices is essential to prevent unwarranted delays, improve the quality of candidate selection, and ultimately contribute to the more successful integration of new team members. By acknowledging and addressing common concerns related to hiring requisitions, organisations will benefit from smoother recruitment processes and more effective talent acquisition strategies.

In conclusion, Stryve’s new feature - Hiring Requisitions, simplifies the recruitment process and provides excellent business benefits. It can deliver in various companies, from small to large and from tech to no-tech industries.

To get the most out of this fantastic feature, review the tips we included in this blog post and look for answers to any FAQs or troubleshooting advice you might have. Don't wait—start streamlining your hiring process with Stryve! Book a demo now and start using Hiring Requisitions today.

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