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October ATS Features Update

October is here and we have a bucket load of new features for you to explore. Take a look at our latest feature release to see what is waiting for you in Stryve.

July 7, 2023

Tom Ellison

Head of Marketing

Tips 1

We have a bumper set of new features in Stryve for you to get your hands on!

·        Surveys

·        Email automation

·        Linkedin automation and more!

Read on to see how you can take advantage on these game changers now.

Tips 2

Stryve Surveys

We've all heard the saying, "What gets measured gets done." It means regular measurement and reporting keeps you and your team focused.

With the Stryve survey feature, you can now canvass your talent pool to gain valuable insights quickly and easily. You can either manually select candidates you would like to send your survey to or add your survey as an intelligent action in your hiring flow.

Getting started with Surveys is simple; log in to Stryve and navigate to Surveys in the top banner. From there, you can build your survey, add questions using our range of question types, select your respondents, edit the email your respondents will receive and finally send it out – all without ever leaving Stryve!

Use Surveys for Diversity, Equity& Inclusion, Net Promotor Scores, Hiring Experience Feedback, Onboarding and more!!

Tips 3

Stryve Connect

Isn't it great if you could connect with potential job candidates via LinkedIn, view their profiles, and send messages from your applicant tracking system? I'm happy to tell you that you can!

Stryve Connect is here, and it will change how you use LinkedIn forever!

It has never been easier to engage with your candidates. When you have your job, install the Stryve Connect Google plugin and start sending out connection requests to your talent pool, viewing profiles, and sending personalised messages to your candidates.

Continue your conversation with prospects in your LinkedIn inbox once you've sent out connection requests to improve application rates.

To learn more about Stryve, you can contact us here to book a meeting.

Tips 4

Email connection

As you probably already guessed, you can now connect your email account to Stryve with a few clicks! There is no doubt that this will change the game for the better.

By doing this, you can now have Stryve send the invitation to an event that you have scheduled from the email address of your choice rather than the default Stryve mail (though this will still be an option). In addition to allowing you to take your branding to the next level, you will also be able to keep all your email communications in one place.

When planning an event, sending a survey, or creating an email action, ensure the email tool is enabled within the Stryve App Marketplace.

We're here to help. Get in touch, and a team member can get you going.

Platform Alerts

Sometimes the most straight forward changes can have the most significant impact! You'll now be kept up to date with platform updates, planned outages, and new features with our new alerts system.

User display

Candidates should be sourced, nurtured, and hired using an ATS. That bit makes sense to us. In addition to looking good, it should also be fun and simple to use!

The hiring flow now shows which users have been added to a role you are currently hiring for. All your project team members will be able to see each other to ensure great communication!

AND Finally! A top tip, don’t forget to add a profile picture to your settings to bring the system to life!

As always, if you would like more information about Stryve and how our hiring platform can help your business grow, just book a meeting with us here.

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